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‘One Thousand Hands’ is a collection of language, images, and ritual hewn together by Patanjali, based in her experiences with Tantric Hinduism. ‘Tantra’ here refers not specifically to the sexual practices as we have come to know them in the West, but rather the ability to access the sacred in any given spatial-temporal locale, and worship of the feminine divine.

The full moon is a time of heightened receptivity, emotion, and intuition. I am grateful to Laurie and the Clary Sage Herbarium, who are providing a space to honor these aspects of Self through a night of meditation and stories.

Thank you.

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‘ONE THOUSAND HANDS’ (((things to come)))

Please forgive me if our introduction comes out in awkward steps, but I hold these ideas dear to my heart, so speaking to you now creates that same wonderfully frighting anxiety of talking to a new lover.

I have been playing with language for as long as memory serves. Language is dying. It dies each time we forget to honor the meaning contained within each sound that pushes through our lungs and lips. And we die each time we think we are the conversation being had at any given moment.

I have recently begun creating a series of small pamphlets, wonderfully self-indulgent and selfless all-at-once, with the intention of bringing language back to life through ritual and experience. It is my hope that you feel the words resonate through your nervous system.

If you are interested, please email ancientminimal@gmail.com with a physical address where I can send the #1 issue. There is also a digital preview available here, and soon the fully-fleshed-out version.

Once you have finished, please consider passing it along to a friend, or a local zine library.

Please feel free to explore the space I have created here.


Comments, questions, and poems are encouraged.

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